Creating a fusion, forward facing tech employed to preserve iconic engineering

Retro is pioneering the manufacture of many ‘Legacy’ Critical & Sensitive parts for aerospace products & appliances. Primarily supporting propulsion systems, we are leading the way in low volume, complex production of these challenging heritage components. Production engineering the manufacture of critical aero parts attracts a significant amount of meticulous consideration and controlled structure to the sealed processes to ensure repeated success. This is done by our team of qualified and experienced of engineers in their dedicated engineering offices.

Our state-of-the-art facilities range, depth & breadth of capabilities are the envy of the industry. All disciplines of conventional machining are carried out onsite. VMC’s utilising the latest CAD-CAM software for 3,4 & 5 axis machining together with in-cycle gauging and tool setting. Turning Centres programmed both offline & conversationally, high speed repeatable production with bar fed & volume parts catching capability. High precision surfaces finished using Internal, External, Profile & Form Grinding. Incredibly demanding unique re-entry camshaft profile grinding & diamond forming of tungsten carbide are in our portfolio.

Pushing the boundaries of technology, we aim high. From Hard Milling 65 + Rockwell materials with Super high speed 25,000 to 90,000 RPM spindles, to Spline & Gear tooth profile generation using turning centres we look to adopt the latest techniques.

Retro's Master Craftsmen

Our production team has developed manufacturing strategies and methods for parts such as;- Propeller-shafts, cylinder heads, camshafts, reduction gearbox transmissions, high voltage ignition distribution systems, air-cooled cylinder assemblies, main undercarriage wheel & brake assemblies. We have specialist experience in finish machining assemblies that comprise of dissimilar materials & multiple parts that require integration during the manufacturing process. This end-to-end manufacturing principle is employed in all aspects of our business, we tightly control our specialist processes sub-contracted out such as;- heat treatment, conversion coating, electro & electroless plating to ensure success. Our team widely use a broad range of materials including;- High Tensile Steels & Aluminium’s, Inconel, Tungsten, Copper, Bronze & Brass, Nickel & Cast Iron. Non-metallic materials are also widely used such as; – Epoxy Resin, Tufnol, Nylon, Cork, Rubber & Fibres. Vacuum casting, Hot Vacuum Curing, Fine Wire Winding of Ignition Coils, CAA Approved Welding, High Frequency Induction Brazing, Tinman’s & Electrical Soldering are some of our unusual in-house specialist processes we have developed.

Did you know we buy spare parts, old drawings and manuals?

Here at Retro, we’re always on the lookout for aviation hardware of historical interest. Particularly, anything relating to the many powerplants we currently support. We’re also constantly adding to our document library with original equipment manufacturer’s drawings, manuals and specifications. We’re keen to hear from anyone who may have historical documentation that helps us understand the original manufacturer’s design intent. As well as period publications from the pre second world war aviation giants.

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