Retro’s customer support covers ‘Forward’ on-site maintenance, to ‘Depth’ base maintenance, our specialist engineers support Rolls Royce & Packard Merlin, RR Griffon, DH Gipsy Major, Hirth 500’s, ENMA Tigre & Walter Minor in line engines. Bristol Pegasus, Mercury, Centaurus & Jupiter, P & W Twin Wasp radial engines. Engine accessories are all supported using our purpose built test rigs, including;- Carburettors, Magnetos, Vacuum, Pneumatic & Hydraulic pumps, Starter motors & Generators. Trouble shooting in service faults, draws on over 50 years of Vintage engine operational experience. Whilst skilled practiced Repair & Overhaul is carried out by our dedicated team reaching over the generations passing on their expertise.

Propeller maintenance is carried out in our purpose-built facilities and includes Hamilton Standard / De Havilland’s the full range of Hydromatic & Counterweight types, Dowty – Rotol’s 3, 4 & 5 Blade range and Fairey – Reed’s metal props. Composite wooden & all metal blade bare blade inspection together with propeller Governor and Constant Speed Unit expert support is carried out on site. Precision balancing is carried out on all propellers in build and prior to final release to service, to ensure the smoothest operation for our customers.


Retro’s ‘Depth’ maintenance of aero structures includes Primary, Secondary & Tertiary structure. Spaceframe, Monocoque & Semi Monocoque constructions can be manufactured or repaired in a full range of metals and timbers to suit the design requirements. Whether welded tubular constructions to the most complicated mechanically fastened high tensile steel formed sections, our team of engineers make use of our extensive tube squaring, roll forming, bench drawing and press forming facilities to produce bespoke fabrications.

Calibrated master jigs are used to ensure these lightweight structures are finished to the exacting dimensional standards that the original constructors intended, complete fuselage constructions include Hawker Hurricane, Supermarine Spitfire & Gloster Gladiator, Avro Lancaster engine bearers & Subframe manufacture & repair is accomplished in our large welding shop.

Closely linked to the ‘Depth’ propulsion work done at Retro is full support for Oil, fuel & coolant systems, tanks, filters, valves, pumps, coolers & radiators, rigid & flexible pipework.

When well-maintained to approved data these often-overlooked air systems form the vital conduit to successful operation in service. In addition to these Retro’s team service, wheels, brakes, undercarriage, hydraulics, pneumatics, flying controls & instruments.

Did you know we buy spare parts, old drawings and manuals?

Here at Retro, we’re always on the lookout for aviation hardware of historical interest. Particularly, anything relating to the many powerplants we currently support. We’re also constantly adding to our document library with original equipment manufacturer’s drawings, manuals and specifications. We’re keen to hear from anyone who may have historical documentation that helps us understand the original manufacturer’s design intent. As well as period publications from the pre second world war aviation giants.

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