retro Pioneering Aviation Heritage, Utilising Modern Technology

About Us

Born out of a lifelong passion for aviation and racing cars, the business founders laid down the foundations of Retro in 1987, a forward-thinking modern day alternative way of supporting legacy and particularly aviation products. Offering high-quality engineering expertise unrivalled in this field. We’ve built up an enviable reputation as a world-leading facility for the repair and overhaul of historic piston engines from all the major manufacturers of the WW2 era. This is not to mention the many many historic racing cars & a number of prestigious aircraft from a bygone age.

U.K. CAA accredited for Design, Production, Maintenance and Continuing Airworthiness, quality and reliability are our by-words and at the heart of everything we do.

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Design Organisation

Engineering the future

The beating heart of a thriving CAA, A8-21 accredited organisation. The Design department is at the centre of every aspect of the support provided to our customers. With a growing team of agile and enthusiastic Design Engineers, constantly challenged with recreating the past and delivering timely solutions to an ever increasing product portfolio. Cultivating innovation but with one eye firmly on the past, we’ve spent many years acquiring original documentation, drawings and specifications to enable us to deliver historically accurate solutions. Essential to maintaining the airworthiness, reliability and authenticity of every part we support.

Design Organisation

Production Organisation

Making the future

This is where the magic happens. When design becomes reality and many parts that have not been manufactured for ninety years or more are faithfully recreated. A manufacturing facility, built around a core of highly versatile, multi-skilled engineers. With a range of CNC & conventional machine tooling at their disposal, this CAA, A8-21 accredited Production Organisation is responsible for delivering excellence. From the smallest of components, to significant aircraft structures, everything receives the same attention to detail. State of the art manufacturing processes working in parallel with traditional machining skills. Offering flexibility and an ability to respond quickly to urgent arisings.

Production Organisation

Maintenance Organisation

Preserving the future

Providing ‘Reliability you can Trust’ & ‘Dependable’ were the watch words from the makers of the past & that holds true today for Retro’s Repair & Overhaul of Engines, Propellers, Air systems & Aero structures. From the drumbeat of repeat business to the restoration of an “Amazing barn find”, Retro’s team support it all. Our specialist engineers provide focused expert support for Rolls-Royce, Bristol and Pratt and Whitney propulsion systems, from trouble shooting in-service support on site to full in-house overhaul and repair. We also have a purpose built facility for the maintenance of a wide range of propeller assemblies including ancillary equipment as well as overhaul and repair of aero structures, fluid and air systems. All work is undertaken and delivered to the same exacting standards within a CAA accredited organisation.

Maintenance Department